Do you have special shoes just for driving? Perhaps back in the days of leather gloves and sunglasses you had a special pair of loafers that you were your designated driving shoes, but now, not so much. You probably don’t even think about what you are wearing while you are driving. Sandals, boots, heels, sneakers, it is all relative, right? Who cares what kind of shoes you wear while driving. We are to busy to be changing shoes for driving and having a different pair for walking. According to a car article, it all depends on who many pedals you are pushing and how tight it is down there. Just imagine trying to drive a manual automobile with three pedals in snow boots. Wearing heavy snow boots is probably not going to work out very well. You want a shoe that has a good grip and is tight fitting. You do not want a shoe that is going to make your feet sweat. Another article discussed some of the items to look for in a good driving shoe which includes: grip on sole, lightweight, allows for ankle moment, and not too wide. You don’t have to go out and buy a special shoe only worn for driving just be sure that what you do wear is practical for driving. If you must wear something not suitable for driving, put them on after you make it to your destination.

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