Improving your riding skills is a great and exhilarating feeling. It’s important that as your skills grow your safety skills also rise to the next level. Most tricks and moves require finesse and attention to details. So don’t put your life at risk in pursuit of something you’re not ready for. It’s always good to try and practice some skills before trying it out on the road since you are not only putting your life at risk but also other commuter’s. It’s always good to understand the capabilities of your bike by looking them up online on moto usagée performance nc. Support from fellow bikers and friends are always nice as they may have a nice and safe way to try them out. So having fun and being safe should go hand in hand.


Always take your time and ride at a safe distance behind when you’re about to overtake. Don’t accelerate until you see a clear path, then go ahead and overtake. Be smart on the road.


This is okay as long as you follow all traffic rules. You need to pay attention and take care while you’re at it. Look further ahead, riding in low gear and anticipate a side swipe.

Accelerate into a safe area

It’s safe and best to accelerate in a gap then slowing down to match the speed of traffic.

Group tactics

It’s always fun to ride in groups. Organizing a meeting on a day with minimal traffic is a great way to boost your skills and compete safely with your friends. You also get a good experience riding with other bikers on the road.

Keeping your eye on the road

The bike is in your control and it goes where you’re looking. Keeping your eyes focused on where you’re going also anticipates you to any forthcoming bumps and hurdles.

Get your knee down

This is a fun thing to try especially on a roundabout. Your foot position and lean angle are the key to this move. Once your bike is at a decent angle, you can go ahead and roll the ball of your foot around the peg so as to be at a 90-degree angle.

Riding in wet areas

Sometimes you get caught in rainy days but you need to stay safe as its riskier riding in wet areas. The key is to ensure smoothness by avoiding any sudden heavy accelerations or braking. This will lead to overloading the tires. Be careful as you try these tricks.

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