If you’re ready to trade in your car for a new model or are simply trying to raise some cash, there are some steps you need to take to ensure you get the best deal possible. Far too many people have accepted only a modest sum for their old vehicles when they didn’t need to. Reasons for this can include not knowing how much it was actually worth or not exploring all possible channels to get the best deal.

sell car with fuss

To get the best price possible for your car, you should ensure it is maintained well and stick to the vehicle’s service schedule. Cars with a full service and MOT history usually sell for much more than those that don’t have them, so if your vehicle is able to boast one, you may well be in luck. It’s also advisable to only look at cars with a full history if you’re thinking about buying a used vehicle.

Make a quicker sale

Trying to find a private buyer to take your car can be tough, and there are many less-than-scrupulous types about that will try to rip you off. Many private sellers have even been caught selling cars that weren’t there’s to get rid of. It’s quick and easy to sell with a dealer, and you’ll usually be working with a reputable company from a prestigious trade association. What’s more is that they should be bound to a tough, customer-friendly code of practice which means that they have to treat you with courtesy and respect. Should you plan to replace your car, there are many reputable companies offering used cars Worcestershire.

quicker sale

How much is it worth?

Get a strong idea on how much you should be selling your car for by looking at online valuation and auction/classified sites to see how much models like yours usually go for. Many drivers have to deal with a number of private buyers before they are able to make a sale, which can be time-consuming and stressful. In most instances, it shouldn’t be tough to find a dealer to buy your car. Remember that you are no longer able to transfer unused road tax to someone else and send your part of the logbook away to the DVLA to remove it from your ownership.

much it worth

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