Driving in Thailand can be, let’s just say, interesting. The roads are not always predictable and there are many drivers on the road who do not have safety on their minds. In order use Thai roads while maintaining some semblance of peace of mind, it is important to get yourself an insurance package that covers both medical expenses and property loss.

Obtaining auto insurance in Thailand is not just a good idea, it is obligatory for all drivers on Thai roads. No matter what kind of vehicle you plan to operate, be it large or small, private or public, obtaining insurance is something that cannot be avoided. In truth, we wouldn’t want to avoid it anyways, because the costs that come from not having a good plan in place far outweigh those of paying for a good insurance policy.

What Types of Insurance Can You Get?

There are several options for auto insurance in Thailand, and for each one you get what you pay for.

At the lowest end of the coverage spectrum, you will find CMI, also known as Compulsory Motor Insurance. At this level, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of coverage. You certainly should not expect to have your policy replace lost damage or pay out large sums of money. CMI is good for limited third party protection, and that is all. For actual protection in the event of an accident, you will want to look into which VMI, also known as Voluntary Motor Insurance, is best for your needs.

Third Class Insurance

A step above the government-mandated minimum, CMI, is Third Class Insurance. This level of coverage has a lot in common with CMI in that it focuses on protecting third parties, and does not provide property damage coverage for the driver. There is a plus version of this plan that adds in limited property loss protection, but it is not very comprehensive and we do not advice this level of insurance.

Second Class Insurance

Second Class Insurance covers medical expenses and loss to property, but to a limited degree. Property damage is only covered if there is another automobile involved and if the driver is known. The plus version of Second Class Insurance adds in fire and theft protection.

First Class Insurance

The insurance plan that we most commonly recommend is First Class Insurance. This level of protection ensures that the driver is protected on all levels. Whether damage occurs from natural disasters, fire, theft, while parked, or on the road, First Class Insurance will cover it. This tier also covers all medical expenses and the lives of drivers, any passengers, pedestrians and third parties.

Where to Buy an Insurance Policy

In Thailand, it is possible to work with various types of insurance brokers selling many kinds of auto insurance. Some are legit and some are not. It is always to best to work with insurance brokers who are part of known companies. While going through known, corporate routes can come at slightly elevated costs, there is also a guarantee that your policy will pay out should you ever need it. Avoid going through insurance agents promising prices that seem too good to be true.

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