If there’s a recent model that you’ve had your heart set on for some time, you may be able to get it at a fantastic price once it reaches the second-hand car market. Most cars lose around 40% of their value within a year of being on the road, which means that by the time they do reach the used car forecourts, they’re usually available for around 50% of what they cost just a couple of years earlier. When you buy a used car, you’ve already thankfully missed out on the biggest depreciation drop that the motor will ever see, which means that you shouldn’t stand to make such a great loss if you do decide to sell it on in a year or two’s time.

second-hand car market

Always read the mileage

Many drivers get years of use out of second-hand cars before they need to be scrapped. You can browse the second-hand market confidently by asking for help from someone more experienced like a friend or family member if you’re not confident about going it alone. A more experienced buyer will be able to tell you what to avoid and where to find the best deals. You can choose to buy from a dealer or a private seller, although many drivers opt for the former so they have more rights if something goes wrong later. If you’re looking for the highest quality used cars of Hertfordshire, Car Firm may well be for you.

Always mileage

Always remember to look at the mileage to see how many more years the car is likely to have left in it.

Prestigious trade associations

What’s also great about buying from a dealer is that they pride themselves on being part of trade associations that they may be removed from if they don’t treat their customers fairly. When the day to view a car comes around, you should look at it in dry and light conditions so any faults can be seen and never be afraid to ask any questions that you deem relevant. Remember not to be bowled over the price tag alone as fuel, tax and insurance can be expensive, as can maintenance costs.

trade associations

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