When buying a new car for a learner or recently passed driver there are many things to take into consideration, starting with the first two factors that are the most important. The cost of the car and the insurance.

Insurance the big bugbear

There are multiple factors that influence the cost of insurance of a new car. All of them affect he cost to a new driver. The three factors that will affect you the most are the replacement value of the car, the age of the driver and how long you have held your driver’s licence.

Cars are placed into different insurance groups. Most new drivers looking for an affordable car to purchase will look for a car that falls into either a group one or group two insurance category. Anything higher and the insurance costs can become eye watering. It is a legal requirement for a driver to be insured in order to be allowed to drive on the roads in the UK. Driving uninsured can lead to fines and loss of your hard earned licence.

The age of the driver

Statistically drivers below the age of 25 are more likely to have an accident. Unsurprisingly then, their insurance will cost more. This does create a bit of a catch 22 situation for many young drivers though. If they can’t afford to insure themselves, how will they gain the necessary experience to become better drivers?

Some countries allow drivers to obtain drivers licences as young as 16. This means that someone moving to the UK who has eight years driving experience, with no accidents but is still under 25, suffers under statistical data. Always ask for an underwriting review if you feel other circumstances should be considered.

The car

New drivers are better off gaining road confidence in a car that is like the one they learned to drive in. It’s not rocket science to work out why driving instructors teach in mostly group one and group two insurance vehicles. These cars are typically lighter, and are smaller than the average family car, thus easier to handle. Gaining experience and confidence in a car that is easy to handle will make all the difference when the time comes to move up to that 4×4 vehicle or a hiring a pickup or a van.

Cars such as the Fiat 500, Kia Picanto, Vauxhall Corsa and Skoda Citigo are all hands down favourites. Economical to run, small enough to fit into those tight parking spaces and easier to insure, makes them top choices.

The small print

Owning a brand new car that comes with a warranty may influence your insurance as certain faults will be covered that the insurer does not have to worry about. Furthermore, there is less that is likely to go wrong with a new car. Interestingly comprehensive insurance often costs less than third party, so make sure you have a quote on both before assuming you’re opting for the cheaper option.

As a new driver, drive safe and drive smart and enjoy your new-found freedom.

The reason I write this article, is because my daughter recently passed her driving test (on her 4th attempt) and we’ve had to be very clever in terms of finding her car insurance. She used a service, which found her driving tests, I will also be writing an article about this service because it’s truly a miracle worker. You can get more information here for the time being.

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