The future of the car will not be the traditional petrol and diesel models we have known virtually all our lives. No, the future will be the electric (EV) or battery electric (BEV) vehicles. Cars will no longer be driven by fuel, but by electric motors and batteries instead. And they won’t be only the little city EV’s we know. No, they will become luxurious and fast, as is already evidenced by the likes of the most important manufacturers.


Environmentalists have been advocating cleaner air for many years and as owners and governments are starting to listen, the face of the automotive industry has started to change in favour of the green movement and EV’s. Talk about governments: Denmark, for instance, has indicated that it may allow only EV’s on its roads after 2025.

The Big Names

Competition will be keen in the luxury class, that’s for sure. Elon Musk’s Tesla has taken the EV to new heights in recent years and he can be sure to face stiff competition from some of the industry’s leading names.

Already manufacturers such as VW and MG are on record as saying that by no later than 2020 they will have more than one fully electric vehicle on the road. Audi has promised that it will start its first all-electric SUV at the beginning of 2018. It is, most likely, to be called the Q6. Apart from the SUV it will build a luxury Sedan to compete with Tesla’s Model S.  Audi plans that by 2025 a quarter of the cars they sell will be battery driven.

Then there is Aston Martin with its RapidE Concept by 2018, plans by Mercedes Benz to launch a new EV the same year, Volvo by 2019 and Porsche with its Mission E Concept by 2020. Makers of luxury cars? They sure are.


Expect those to be quiet, more spacious than the traditional car and also designed to look sleek and stylish.  More spacious? Yes, there is no longer any need for huge engines to drive the car, resulting in better cabin space, which can be designed to allow more comfort for passengers and drivers.

The Jaguar I-PACE, for example, was launched recently in the US and is certainly one of a growing number of manufacturers concentrating on the luxury EV market. The Jaguar I-PACE will be in showrooms from 2018 and may have patrons queue up to own this good-looking EV. It is stylish, luxurious and in keeping with what future cars will look and be like. It does indeed represent features of both the supercar and SUV and, yes, the technology is among the best the industry has seen so far.

The luxury EV is here to stay and now is a great time to sell my car and upgrade to become an early adopter of the future technology.

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